The Otomi are an indigenous population inhabiting the central region of Mexico. Their embroidered textiles depict silhouettes of plants, flowers, birds, and other wildlife. These interiors are inspired by their brilliant motifs.


Otomi Textile Interior I

Chavez Chair, Mermaid Coffee Table, and Praying Mantis Floor Lamp by Organic Modernism; Goddard Sofa by The Future Perfect; Prints by Donald Baechler.


Otomi Textile Interior II

Okto Table and Coco Chair by Organic Modernism; Kent Sofa and Hammered Brass Pendant by The Future Perfect; Prints by Louise Bourgeois


Otomi Textile Interior III

Java Coffee Table and Jensen Sofa by Organic Modernism; Pendel Armchair and 5-Bubble Chandelier by The Future Perfect; Prints by Martin Puryear

Interiors – Otomi Textiles | 2015 | Interiors